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Windows 8 Password Reset
People say that windows 8 is horrid and not very user friendly, well over the next few weeks I'm going to point out some of the good features that windows 8 has to offer.

Todays Feature (Forgot Your Password)

How many times have you changed your password because your fed up with the kids using the computer but when you need to use the computer you cant remember your own password?

Well your in luck, Microsoft has made this easier than ever to get back up and running within minutes. The Windows 8 Password reset is as simple as changing your own email password. Microsoft is trying to get customers on Windows to sign up to their "Microsoft Account".

This is good for the reason that if you have a Windows phone, Tablet & PC then all your logins will be the same. The Microsoft Account uses your account across all your devices just like the Apple iTunes account.

Microsoft will also give you free cloud storage when you sign up to their account so you can synchronise all your documents, Pictures, Music between all your devices. This is a cool feature within Windows 8 and would recommend people to convert to the account if you are using a @ Hotmail, Live. Outlook, and for some of us using the historic MSN accounts then its just 1 click and its all done for you.

Dean Computers will add another feature for you to take aboard later this week.


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